Turkey will give foreigners "golden visa"

Turkey has decided to issue a "golden visa" aliens granted in the country's real estate market is the sum of $ 500 000 to $ 1 million.
The official statement on the introduction of "golden visa" was made by the Minister of Economy of Turkey Nihat Zeybedzhi. Experts point out that the decision has affected, including the tense political situation with Russia.
"This decision will be a revolution for the real estate market", - said Adil Yaman, Director of Sales Universal21 real estate agency. He adds that the already bustling real estate market will get a great impetus to the growth of sales in 2016. The volume of foreign investments in the real estate market in Turkey increased in the first 9 months of this year by 19%, and its largest city Istanbul - by 26.1%.
Experts predict that the volume of foreign investments only in Ankara's property market will reach $ 10 billion in 2016 thanks to the introduction of the program "golden visa".

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