The residence permit in Turkey

If you have already bought property in Turkey and plan to stay in the country long-term (1-2 months), then before you sooner or later the question arises about how to obtain a residence permit in Turkey - a residence permit or residence permit.

First of all, let's look at the differences between the concepts of "residence" and "visa".
Residence and Visa - not the same thing. Both of these terms are used in the visa laws, and to avoid confusion in concepts, explain the differences between them:

1. The residence permit (permit) - a residence permit in Turkey, and Visa - permission to enter the country and to obtain a residence permit. Get a visa (inset in the passport) must obtain a residence permit, otherwise you will be in Turkey illegally, despite having a visa.
2. The residence permit issued by the chief police department on a residence visa - Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in your country.
What types of visas and residence permits are.
Visa and residence are tourist and long-term. Visas and residence permits issued for a maximum of 6 months (180 days) are a tourist, and longer - typically a year or more - long-term. Long-term residence permit are the basis for obtaining citizenship in the future of Turkey.

 Necessary documents for registration of residence permit:

1. Passport, the validity of the passport on the day of filing shall comply term residence permit;

2. The tax number is issued free of charge, tax, within 10-15 minutes;

3. Health insurance from a private insurance company, issued for a year, the cost depends on the age;

4. A copy of the pages of the passport. The page on which there is a photo and a page with the date of the last entry;

5. 4 color passport photos;

6. A completed application form for a residence permit or an extension, issued at the local Police Department for Aliens;
Carefully fill in the questionnaire and in block letters, the address must be completely legible!

7. A copy of the Title Deed, the original must be in possession at the time of the documents or the contract rent property
8. Extract from a bank account in the amount of 500 USD per month. Certificates of exchangers do not accept;

9. Receipt for payment of state fees:
- Registration card, cost 55 TL (blue book residence permit "İkamet Tezkeresi" canceled);

Today, the term of consideration of documents takes 15 to 30days.

Registration Card residence permit will be sent to you at the mailing address in Turkey listed in the questionnaire.

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